In social issues class today our professor held up a black book and was like “this book is red” and we were all “no” and he said “yes it is” and we were just all “that’s not right” and he turned it around and the back cover was red and he said “Don’t tell somebody they’re wrong until you’ve seen things from their point of view” 

that speaks to me 

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Getting sick means I don’t have to do my English oral tomorrow, but it also means I don’t get to go to Jordie Lane’s only melbourne show for ages and i don’t know how I feel about this double edged sword.

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do u ever think about how important harry potter is—not just as an impetus for children to learn to love reading—but as an intricately symbolic representation of the dangers of racism, close-mindedness, and greed, as well as a beautiful illustration of the importance of love, friendship, hope, and the criticism of the systems that surround us

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